Problem: Computer freezes/ resets without BSOD

As explained in the title above, my computer constantly keeps freezing. At first when it started freezing it would make this loud buzzing noise, however after cleaning the inside of the computer, there is no buzzing sound but the freezes still occur, it also restarts sometimes, just a random reboot no warning no nothing, and no bsod although I have made sure to check the windows settings to have restart on system failure off . I did ramtests used programs like speedfan, hard drive tests, videocard tests everything. It also restarted in safe mode the other day, however in safe mode it tends to run properly. I did system restore and have done scans and have done everything except a reformat. Im just confused as to what I should do, a friend of mine said it could be a virus. BTW the buzzing sound DIDNT come from the laptop ITSELF it came from the speakers, which was really weird. if you guys want to see my event log Ive provided the name of the errors and my computer specs

WMI is an error
Kernel- PhP, Kernel Power

Ram is 4 GB
Running W7
Processor: Intel Core duo T6500 at 2.0 GHZ

PLEASE HELP me i just want to know whats going on, all help will be appreciated
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  1. I've noticed a significant decrease in performance as well and started to clean boot, I checked the cpu usage and tried opening around 25 plus programs however no crash occured, im confused as to whether this is a virus or possibly a failed partition in the hardrive which occured to one of my desktops.
  2. I don't think this is a virus, but to rule that out download hitmanpro and run their free cloud based scan from here.

    Kernal power could be a memory voltage error or processor voltage error. Have you been messing with overclocking or the voltage/time settings in your BIOS? I would go through and make sure everything is set to auto or default settings.

    Other things it could be:
    1. Check task scheduler to see if there is Rac task scheduled or any scheduled reboots (I know your reboots are kind of random and not clean but check anyway).
    2. Downloaded any new drivers recently? If safe mode worked better it may be a driver conflict. Make sure all your drivers are current and then if you still have the issue get rid of some of the drivers that you don't have to have until you find the one.
    3. May be a video card overheating/ driver issue. To troubleshoot that we will need more info of your graphics card.
    4. Try to open command prompt and perform an "sfc /scannow" this will attempt to repair corrupt windows files.
    5. If all else fails get the windows 7 repair disc and run a repair from either the graphical interface or repair console.
  3. Overheat or PSU
  4. I agree with Finneous, the buzzing sounds like one of your fan bearings are going bad and cleaning it just made it run a little smoother. Maybe it's the PSU fan, when they get too hot they just switch off, if they are good. Which would not allow the system to record a problem.

    So, it's most likely the power supply. Get a new one.
  5. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS... HIRENS BOOT CD etc, it sounds like a failing hard drive...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. I ran hard drive tests, did the virus scan, still nothing helping . It worked for about 4 hours but, yeah still crashed, even crashed in safe mode and would a bad PSU really cause it to freeze / or restart wouldnt it just shut off? im so confused and do you think windows/ sony vaio care tests would be accurate in telling me whether something is wrong with my hardware? Also do you guys really think a reformat would help? I mean I know theres no harm in trying, I just hate the process of using my ext hard drive and taking hours on end to format.
  7. Hi :)

    WHICH hard drive tests did you run ?

    All the best Brett :)
  8. I know im going to have to see somebody, I just want some answers to my questions once again thank you and all help is appreciated!
  9. I dont have hirens boot CD , i dont even know what that is but I went to repair your computer by clicking f8 did the hard drive test then I did a test through VAIO care from my desktop, I did the longest and most thorough test, still nothing
  10. UJusgotpwned13 said:
    I dont have hirens boot CD , i dont even know what that is but I went to repair your computer by clicking f8 did the hard drive test then I did a test through VAIO care from my desktop, I did the longest and most thorough test, still nothing

    Hi :)

    That test is a much use as a chocolate teapot.... lol

    Run HIRENS CD by BOOTING from it....NOT in Windows...IN DOS...

    All the best Brett :)
  11. He is talking about downloading this and making a bootable cd out of it, then choosing to boot from the optical disc instead of hard disc from your BIOS.
  12. Instead of doing all that, you could just run chkdsk /r in a command prompt. If you have lot's of errors it's probably a hard drive issue.
  13. im on hirens boot cd and I dnt get how to run a diagnostic for the harddrive? I only see tests for Memtest and memory diagnostic
  14. okay I figured out how to do the tests. I did multiple tests it said the hard drive health is 99% i did Hard Disk Sentinel 1.00.5 said no bad secters, did CPU , video tests everything seems to be fine
  15. do you have any HDD tests your reccomend
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