My cousin needs a computer for 400$ or under

Hey I have only built my computers for games which I spend a lot of money on over the years. But I recently got ask what kind of computer my cousin should get by my aunt which they do not have much money to spend on one. She wants to get her one just for school work and basic things.

I don't really have any idea what they should get and how much they cost. Could you guys give me some links to some basic home ones which you know aren't over priced or what I should look for at best buy/ frys / office depot.

This would help a bunch and I would really appreciate it.
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  1. Are you going to be building it? Also if you are not building it could it be a laptop or do they want a tower computer?
  2. I am not going to build it and they said they want a tower but if you could find a good laptop I would suggest that to them instead instead.
  3. tower will last longer then a laptop. laptop when used as desktop tend to over heat. there are web pages like slick deals and toms hardware deals of the day. there also daily deals on most vendor web page dell and hp. for any of those pc dell or hp look into getting a g line of the intel cpu or the i3 line. pair it with 8 gig of ram. (if the unit comes stock with one four gig dimm or two two gig dimms spend the extra 20.00 from new egg or micro center to bump the ram to 8g. then only thing to add when looking at the unit is the video card that in the system. the lower priced units will have the intel ipgpu as the main video card. it not bad for web and work. the more middle priced units will have a amd or nvidia card (620-640) (7000) for amd.) they wont be high end gaming cards but they will let the family play some games online.
    on dell web page there the insperon (sp) 660 with an i3-3220 and 6g of ram and one tb hard drive for 450.00 i think that be your best bet. then find on new egg a 17 inch monitor nd a cheap set of speakers.
  4. does your cousin need a monitor?
  5. No they dont and the sites with good deals like slick deals had some nice desktops for 200$ish but now they are sold out or not doing the deals anymore : /
  6. The GTX 650 is overkill, IMO. As is the Phenom (but then again, its cheap). Don't forget they will need the OS as well. An APU seems like it would be a better fit for this.
  7. Intel G530 barebones (no ODD) from $279.99
    Intel G530 barebones (ODD slot)
    from $309.99

    You would need to add an SSD or HDD and the operating system.
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