Problem With Laptop Display. Small Pink/Light Blotch


After booting my two week-old Sager NP9150 laptop up yesterday, I realized a small, yet noticeable pink blotch on the screen. This blotch/spot is only apparent when viewing dark black/grey images or when in dark rooms in a video game. I have done extensive troubleshooting and verified that the blotch is not due to stuck or dead pixels or graphics driver issues or caused by light bleeding either. Does anyone know what it might be and how I might go about fixing it?

As aforementioned, I have only owned this laptop for about two weeks and I am slightly concerned by this. If all else fails, I will end up requesting a new screen or just having Sager replace it. I would just like to get this fixed without having to send the laptop in because I am leaving my home town to go to Michigan for a couple weeks.

Anyone have any ideas?

Pics: and

System Specs:

1920x1080p Glossy LCD
AMD 7970m 2GB
Ivy Bridge i7 3610qm
750 GB HDD
8GB RAM @ 1600 MHz
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  1. That's no dead pixels for sure. Have you tried cleaning the screen? Looks like strawberry jam :).
  2. SuperDuper931 said:

    This looks like you might have had some liquid sitting on the screen for an extended period of time and it was absorbed into the screen. Could have been through the plastic back of the screen or the screen itself.

    I've seen similar effects when traveling and liquids were released in bags like hairspray or shampoo for example.
  3. Interesting, I haven't had any liquids near the screen recently, but it could be possible. Was the water damage only present when darker images were displayed on the screen? When I have seen water damage before, it is visible regardless of the on-screen colors.
  4. Sunius said:
    That's no dead pixels for sure. Have you tried cleaning the screen? Looks like strawberry jam :).

    Haha, yes, I have tried cleaning it extensively with and without a solution. I turned the screen off entirely and looked at it just to verify that the spot was not present on thew screen.
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