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I'm trying to decide between a 3570k with a Gpu or a 3770k for using in after effects any advice is greatly appreciated :) and if the 3570k what gpu?
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  1. After effects is fun, I love making videos.

    Anyway, the I5 processor will do just fine. Since you have to move allot of stuff typically on and off the hard drive I would recommend a solid state disk and allot of ram before worrying about the GPU.

    A GPU I would recommend, if money is no option, is the Quadro 6000. The tesla GPU's have the best performance of any GPU in Adobe software.

    But I don't think you want to spend 4k on a graphics card, so get the next best thing.

    Get a GTX 470 about $245, then follow the instruction in the article below to flash it to qaudro 6000 specs.
    If you do this you will have a professional quality machine for 1/10'th the price.

    Hope that helps, have fun!
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