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Hello, im building a windows 7 home premium 64bit pc just and only just for pc gameing, but mainly im just focused on grand theft auto 4. How ever, this is not my issue i need to know if a duel/quad core processor's will work. But im planing on getting a gts 450 for it. I have seen lots of youtube videos useing enb settings on gta 4 useing the duel/quad core processor's with the gts 450.
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  1. What's your question? If GTA4 will run on multicore processors? If so, yes, it should work fine.
  2. Sort of yes, just for incase you dont understand what i mean, can i run gta 4 on maximum settings with some of the enb graphic enhancers with duel/quad core processors, basicly im just saying can gta run realy well with a duel core processor? If so are they're any under about 200$?
  3. Sorry, I've never used the graphics enhancers, so I'm not sure how well it would run on a dual core.

    BTW, dual = 2, duel = fight. ;)
  4. Dont worry about the graphic enchancers, they just realy on mainly cpu if your plainingon graphic ehancers. problem is im really new to building comeputers and im still learning my fair share of nology you could say. So is that a yes it should run well on a duel core?
  5. i had a 460 and could still only manage just above medium, that was with a quad

    this game REQUIRES a quad minimum trust me, and well worth it good game.
  6. ya the game uses more than 2 threads of i5 non k version can be had for less than 200. look at the i3 2100 also, it has hyperthreading. A process than simulates more cores, so its a dual core with 4 threads of operation. that cpu is 120 ish. if you went with the i3 you could afford a better card than a gts 450. like a 6870 for 155$
  7. Yeah no, you won't be able to run the game at maximum. I get 45-60 fps on ultra with an i72600k 16gb of 2200mhz ram, a 120gb SSD, and 3 gtx 470's.
  8. You need a beastly CPU to run GTA4 smooth and you are going to need something allot more potent than that little GTS450 to run GTA4 above Med settings and get it looking better than on a console.
  9. Honestly, im no fanboy but i think this is all wrong i have seen the gts 450 in action, on youtube/xfire running gta 4 with the gts 450 and a quad/duel core processor and getting 30-40fps with icenhancer and with out it about 40-50 fps, I think its either the cpu's I bet if i got the gts 450 and a quad core processor running more/exact speed of 3.6ghz i would be satisfied, thanks for the help but i bet i should run every thing at maximum.
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