Is my EVGA Gtx 670 failing?

about a month ago i bought a 670 off of newegg, it was working perfectly fine until a week ago, the screen goes black and if I'm using my headset the audio is distorted, sometimes the system reboots itself, sometimes i need to do a hard reboot,if the system reboots by itself i get a message saying my system got a bsod, my computer crashes when i play games, sometimes when i load a video on youtube. the fans are turning, its not overheating. i did a fresh install of the drivers, worked a lot longer then before but eventually failed. Anyone else have this problem? is it my video card? is it the drivers? or something else? thanks!

my specs are:
Memory- (
Optical Drive- (
GPU- (
PSU- (
CPU- (
HDD- (
Motherboard- (
Case- (

bluescreen view told me these are the files causing the bsod
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  1. if its a file that causing the BSOD its probably drivers or windows corruption....check the temps on the card while in game (use GPU-Z or something to get actual temps)....Try removing the drivers and then run driver sweeper in safe mode and then install the new ones and see if that helps.
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