Installed new graphics card now both the new and the old one wont detect

I dont know if this posted but i will try again. I have currently installed a new graphics card into an old computer that has a bad internal graphic problem. So my primary computer is the same make and model and so i tested it out on it. It didnt work but now when i tried going back to my internal card, it doesnt detect. I think it may have screwed up my computer which i desperately need for work. Now the new and the old display ports dont work. I have removed the new one and still no success. Please help asap!
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  1. Try clearing the CMOS by removing the battery on the motherboard for about 30 secs and putting it back.
  2. once you do this ^^ go into the BIOS and change the primary graphics adapter option to PCIE or PEG..this will make the card you put in there be the primary adapter for the motherboard and it will be detected by both windows and the BIOS
  3. I havent been in work yet. I dont usually work weekends so i am going to try that. I forgot all about the CMOS. Thank you so much and i will try it out asap and let you all know if it works. Thank you.
  4. So, Im trying to clear the CMOS and its still not working. I removed the battery for minimum 30 seconds. The computer starts up but im still not getting any display. I am not even sure if it has hit the login screen yet so i have no visual sign of whats wrong. Dont know what to do!
  5. is the display plugged into the onboard port? plug it in there and boot into the BIOS and change the primary graphics adapter to PEG or PCIE and then reboot and hook up the display to the dedicated card you put in
  6. Yeah, I did that and im getting the feeling that my computer is not properly starting now. I still get no display on my monitor or signal. My led that lets me know that its processing and running tasks is not blinking on the start up anymore. This happened once before and it corrected itself. Now i am not sure if it is doing that again or if im still just having trouble with my video bios settings. But i cant access the bios because im not getting a signal at all anymore. I removed the old card and am using the onboard card. I really appreciate all the replies. Im really hoping not to have to take it to the shop to fix this. I havent worked on computers for quite some years now so im a bit rusty.
  7. it seems that you may have a faulty motherboard.....with the dedicated card removed and all of your peripherals (HDD's and USB cables... everything except power to the board/cpu and keyboard) remove your mobo battery and then try booting into the could be something attached to the motherboard that is making it behave the way it is.
  8. Yeah, sadly thats what ive been able to conclude. The computer is not getting through the first stages of the startup process so nothing is loading up enough to do anything. It doesnt even get far enough to send a signal to the keyboard and mouse. It powers on for a split second and then shuts off and starts back up again a couple seconds later but only gets as far as sending a signal to the cd drive. :(
  9. can you replace the motherboard? or RMA it under warranty? that might be your best bet....what motherboard is it? or if its a pre built system what make and model?
  10. I ended up taking the computer to the geek squad and turns out that i just had a dead bios battery. Had to remove the RAM in order to find that out. and on top of that the guy helped me out and i only got charged for the replacement batteries. :)
    Thanks everyone for you advice. I still will probably need a new motherboard eventually because the guy said that its going to be a problem also so thank you everyone.
  11. that is an odd one lol...glad you figured it out though
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