Computer made a pop sound,smoke comingout from the vents.The computer went off i

Good day everyone,im certainly not having one myself.there was a power fluctuation and suddenly i heard a pop sound,and smoke started to rise from the vents then the computer went completely off.pushing the power and reset button does nothing.please what is wrong and what do i do???
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  1. Well best scenario is the psu is fecked and thats where id start with a new one and keep fingers crossed the power surge didn't effect anything else, do you have a spare psu that you can try out?
  2. No i don't.please what are the chances of my harddisk being affected?thank you
  3. Your hdd should be alright of all the parts id say your least likely to lose data over it
  4. I really hope so,thanks
  5. Depends. A lot of times when a PSU goes it will send a high level of voltage out. Usually it takes out caps on a motherboard, sometimes a CPU or GPU. It is possible to damage a hard drive as well. Chances are pretty good that it'll be readable still although there is still a chance of an issue.
  6. Does that mean that just changing the psu probably isn't gonna be enough to fix this problem?
  7. Cos after it went off the first time,it came on again after i tried it,but now it's totally dead
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    changing the psu is just the first step, you may get lucky and it may not have damaged any of the other parts or it may have,
    there is this test you can do on your psu (doesn't need to be corsair psu)
    even if this fails and you get a new psu there is no guarentee that the motherboard or cpu or hdd is not damaged too but you have to start somewhere,
    were you plugged into a surge protector? I strongly recommend buying one if not
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  10. I'll check it've been so much help...thanks a lot
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