I3-2100 to i5-3330 worth it?

Hello everyone! Im from Brazil and this is my first participation here. I know this is a very respected hardware website and have a lot of experts that can help me. And my question is very simple...

My hardware was a GTX 550 ti, core i3 2100, 8gb ddr3.

but now I got a GTX 670, and my games now run a lot better, even playin in full hd.

However, i saw here in the internet, some people sayn that it will have some "bottleneck", and my GPU would not work in its full capacity because of mine CPU (i3 2100)...
so i was thinking about upgrading it to a i5 3330 ivy bridge... a "cheap" cpu... (here in brazil everithing is very very expensive, almost dubble price comparing with USA, i payed like 1000 dollars for my GTX 670 :fou: )

So... if i upgrade my cpu to this i5, my games will run better? It will not have more boottleneck? thank you so much and sory for my rly baaaad english!
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  1. impressive! thanks a lot.... well, i play a lot of games, Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Guild Wars, Skyrim, black ops 2... and i just want to have the best performance from my new gpu. So i think that i will get the i5... The price (even in brazil) is good. Thanks a lot dirtyferret!
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