Broken Puter when I got home from work

Came home from work today, to find my PC on, but no display, and my mice/keyboard lit up as usual so I rebooted, and nothing happened (I dont have a PC speaker so no beeps) motherboard's giving an error code of "00" and the CPU LED is on. I tried swapping vid cards, swapping memory in and out, swapped PSUs, nothing worked, according to Asus' site, and various things I've read, if the CPU light is lit, then the CPU is bad, probably, tho I have no way of testing these two items. I've tried both bios chips as well, and resetting the bios.


Intel Core I7 3820 (not overclocked)
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
4x Mushkin Enhanced Redline PC3-17000 2133 (not overclocked)
Noctua NH-D14 cooler
Asus GTX690
Enermax EMR1350EWT Maxrevo 1350W PSU
Windows 8 Pro

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  1. buy a new psu that psu u have is the worst brand
  2. I'll consider it, tho its not the PSU thats causing this problem =(
  3. Why would you buy a 3820 with a RIVE, it makes no sense, an MSi BBXP or basic UD3 would have been better.

    Anyway 00 isn't an error code that's successful post(at least on my board), I'd look into your GPU(lack of display) as the source of the error.

    Alternatively, try changing monitors.
  4. I put the 690 into my second computer (this one now) and it works fine.

    The when I power it on, none of the keyboards lights or mouse's light up, and the HDDs are not spinning up either.

    Will the bios screen load with out a CPU installed?
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