What Power supply should I get

I am building a pc and am needing some help/pointers on picking a power supply. It will be powering (asus Maximus v formula, intel i7 3770k, evga gtx 680, corsair vengeance 2133mhz, bluray drive) Mother board,CPU, and GPU are liquid cooled.

I would like to stick with the corsair brand for the power supply and the price is not a problem.
I will mostly be gaming, little video edit, photo edit, AutoCAD,
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  1. corsair TX, TX-M,HX, or AX 650w+ depending on what you feel like spending

    it's not like you will be making a wrong choice in any of them
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    Do you plan to SLI???
    If you dont, get the Corsair TX650M
    If you do, get the Corsair HX750
  3. IMO, AX is a waste of money... The HX is just as good...
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