Blue screen after trying to run a game

I just bought a Sapphire radeon HD 6870 1gb ddr5, It arrived today and I installed it and downloaded the drivers off the disc that came with the card. It ran fine for everything that I was doing until I tried to play a game (world of warcraft) the screen went red then nothing, so I rebooted the system it seemed to be fine it brought up the windows loading screen and soon as it was ready to start windows the screen went blue.
This is what my system has:
ECS motherboard 945P-A (1.1) 775 socket
Intel Pentuim D 2.66GHz
(2) DDR 2 533MHz PC 4200 1Gb ram
thermaltake 600 watt power supply
Windows 32 bit XP

This is a DIY system that I build about 3 or 4yrs ago it had a HD radeon 3400 512 card at the time but I just wanted to upgrade the graphics so any help would be greatly taken
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  1. do you get blue screen on every boot now?
    also what error do you get on the blue screen, what or which file is causing it?
    Could check if there are any updates for the cd drivers.
    Or try reinstalling the drivers, make sure you fully clean the old drivers before install.
    Maybe check if u seated the card good enough, dont forget the 6pin power cable and all that.
    If that doesnt work, try ur old card again, see if it works. just to check if the problem is just the driver and the device.
    The card is new so ultimately you might be able to replace it from where u baught it.
  2. Yes I get a blue screen on every reboot, and I dont get a error message at all, or file that says their or this is the problem. I didnt get the chance to look for updates for the card because it is a blue screen. I did remove all of the drivers that I downloaded from the disc and I have not tried to reload them. I had to remove the new card and use my old one thats way my computer is working now, so ultimately I am going to try to reload the drivers again and see what happens or if the card will let me try to use it to reload the drivers.
    I am kinda new at the build thing I havent quite done it enough to know what exactly the problem is yet thats why I am asking for help. I did try to contact the company and they have not contacted me back yet so I am kinda left in the dark in figure of speech.
  3. I just tried to reinstall the card and it worked for about 5sec then went to a blue screen, so what should I do next.
  4. Ok so the blue screen disappears to fast or it just crashes without giving it? Somewhere among those texts and codes it should state a specific error.

    What u can do is, disable or uninstall the driver in safe mode. u should be able to boot normally. This will save u the trouble to have to put the old card in to try fix the problem.

    -After u boot, u can go on the website and see if they have a better driver. would be funny to say the disk drivers are not good but worth a shot. u can try that one.
    -try updating ur .NET Framework from windows updates. As XP i believe that would be listed under the optional updates. ofc install all the critical updates u find too.
    -Also, try disabling Fast Write and Write combining. This is a good shot too.

    Lets try and see if this helps so far.
  5. how old is that psu ? maybe its gone weak and cant power up the card anymore or it cant give enough power to the card. its worth trying a different psu
  6. It seems you have a hardware fault. By the way, what gfx card did you have before buying Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 ?

    How long did your new gfx card run before it failed ? Anyway, please follow the procedure below:

    Boot to your BIOS configuration screen and see if your computer can run there. If no go, then I would start with checking all the connections for tightness, reseating the RAM sticks, CPU cooler, CPU fan, etc.. If still no go, then I would go on with the basic components, removing the DVD drive, RAM sticks except one, other internal removable cards such as PCI cards, if you have any.

    Test at this configuration. Again go to the BIOS screen.

    As gee_11 pointed out, PSU is one of the most probable culprits of PC failures. Your PSU seems good and has enough juice to run HD 6870, though.
  7. HD radeon 3400 512 card was his previous I believe. The new card failed upon first game launch. Also he probably is able to boot up to windows load- or login screen before crashing. His old card works. For me it looks like a driver conflict or the graphic device is not good.
  8. My computer was working very well before I installed the 6870, and yes I can go to BIOS screen it seems to me as soon as windows boots up thats where the crash happens. My PSU is only about 1yr old maybe.
    It could be the that I may not have the power to the card wrong? The card does get really hot really fast. - This is my PSU - Thermaltake W0388RU TR2 Series Power Supply - 600 Watts, ATX- I bought this from compusa just as I do for all my computing needs. I have both the six pins connected to the card but not sure if am supposed to or not.
    confused what this issue could be, what if I go to sapphire and preload or update the drives before I install the card would that work?
    Open for options and advise.
  9. Well I kind of have the same problem with one of my cards with a 1000w PSU.
    1.If its really power related, maybe check if a red LED indicator is lit on ur card.
    2.Otherwise I really recommend trying to disable Fast Write before replacing anything.
    3.But yes try updating the drivers. Probebly if ur device is on the motherboard, while u install the drivers, it will give u bsod.
    -So what u can do is install the drivers you have now. Then go safemode and disable the graphic adapter from driver manager, but dont uninstall it. Start up normal and install the new driver or even the same one over again, go back to safe mode and enable back the device. See how it goes when u start up.
    -An alternative way might be that u remove the new card, put the old one, disable the card in safemode, start normal, and install the drivers for the new card. Put in the new card. see how it starts up.
  10. This may not be a solution to your problem but still you can do it with the old card installed. It may help.

    1- Uninstall the drivers for the gfx card, the old one. Reboot.

    2. Go to Device Manager and remove the old gfx card in Device Manager, putting a check mark Uninstall drivers for this card. Shut down your PC.

    3. Remove the old gfx card and install the new one. Turn on your PC and install the drivers.

    4. Whenever you wish to replace an existing card in your PC with a better one, always do it this way.
  11. So I turned off the LCD monitor and installed the 6870 it seemed to work well I started to get the updates and downloading them and well there is that blue screen. I have uninstalled all the drivers for the old card and made sure that their was nothing left from the old card, the gfx works fine in bios, safe mode. There is something that has some kind of conflict with the card or the card has a conflict with something else not sure but it did work for a sort time, but in the end I have the blue screen again.
    Any ideas what I could do next?
  12. I almost forgot to mention that while it was working I did have alot of screen flickering and flashing then thats when the blue screen popped in and I am currently stuck with then blue or black screen then windows starts to load up after the computer went thru check at the first of turning on the computer.
  13. First of all make sure you dont expire ur warranty while trying to fix.

    -Did you check the new card, is there any red LED that is lit on the card?
    -Also did you update the Net. framework, from windows updates, look under "optional".
    -Other then that, for me its still a driver conflict. ATI users have this sometimes without a real fix, and no ATI support for the problem. All i can suggest is to try out drivers again otherwise indeed check ur warranty.

    I am currently bypassing this same problem without a fix. I was hoping a fix for you could be a fix for me. My 4870x2 shows as 2 graphic adapters under hardware manager. Thats where I am lucky, I disabled the slave and that's how I use it atm.

    If I come up with something Ill try to let you know.
  14. Yes I did look for any lites or led's and there's nothing on the card, I Just bought the card last friday so the warranty is still good as long as I dont alter the card in any way.
    also I updated all my Net.frames already before I did the install, so in all honesty I am at a total loss and very confused.
    I dont have a degree in computers but I have built some and I am little knowledgeable about them I was hoping that someone here could see or know something that I may have missed or ?
  15. In that case I don't think you missed anything. I don't believe either that you have to go through such a trouble just to install a new card. Try get support from where u got it or replace the card for yet another new one with ur warranty.
    I think that's the best solution.
  16. well just to let you all know that I did in fact have the card replaced and it is still doing the same thing, So I am going to just get my money back. Thank you for everything that you all have done with the advise that you have given me in trying to help me solve my problem.
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