Grab the 800D or wait for 900D?

Hey guys. I hope all is well with you. I need your opinion. I decided that it's time to upgrade my case even though it's just 5 months old. I currently have the Cooler Master Haf XM with aftermarket fans installed but I want to water cool my entire rig in a month or less. So, I looked around and decided to narrow down my decision to Corsair Obsidian 800D and 900D. I will indeed utilise a 420 mm rad and still use my H80i for CPU unless someone gives me good cash for it. The rad I want it at the bottom with plans of getting an i7 setup running in a 2 months time and adding another rad at the top for CPU, memory and chipset. So please help me pick a great case, no more than $400 (money is never an issue except I just don't want to waste it on boutique cases). Thanks for your help and reading this.


Hero1 :hello:
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  1. inputs please. Any other cases out there that have great quality (very quiet) and can hold 420mm and 320mm rads? Forget the chipset the ball stops at CPU + GPUs and maybe, maybe RAM. I'm currently looking to order parts from EKWB.
  2. Someone close this thread. I've decide to go with the 800D good price and looking forward t modding it.
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