Will i be able to build a pc without any problems?


i decided to build a pc, however after doing alot of research and talking to some people i got doubleminded, as i heard you can encounter many frustrating issues blue screens etc,
so i decided to et my old tower pc with intel pentium 4 opened up and i found it very confusing , by that i mean the header connectors and power cables, and the ide drives cables were also stiff, now i was also vary about esd so i was touching the metal case evry few minutes

now heres a list of potential components i wanted to use, what do you think of these components (p.s i intend to use these high specs mainly for video editing, not gaming)

motherboard -asus sabertoth z77
processor-i7 3700k (do not plan to overclock, is it worthwhile?)
ram- corsair vengeance blue ddr3-1600mhz 4*4gb (16gb)
psu- corsair 750w
gpu-nvidia gt-640 2gb asus
case- haf cooler master 932 advanced case(mid tower)
wireless card for wifi-tplink
windows 7-oem version

ok now what do you think of these components will they work, any issues

furthermore when opening up my old case i accidently broke some plastic of the stock heatsink/fan
it was the old clip on types

can i use a corsair v8 cooler fan instead of the stock and will there be any problems, will i be able to overclock without cooling system

main thing is i dont want to fry the motherboard and waste alot of money

also i am not familiar with bios, is it complicated, and how does installing windows 7 oem work?

i would appreciate it alot if you can add/remove anything from the list to better my experience

also is 750w too much would 600 be fine?

i also was thinking of having l.e.d fans is that a bad idea?

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  1. 1) Compatibility - check. Everything will work with one another.

    2) 3700k? Im guessing you mean 3770k? There would be no point getting a 3770k and not overclocking, seeing as you pay more for the 'k' - which means its unlocked and will overclock well. You cant run a CPU without a cooling system, let alone overclock. You can overclock without a 3rd party cooler, but not by much and it is not advised. Use a Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212, great low cost air cooler.

    3) The BIOS is complicated, dont mess with it unless you know what youre doing.

    4) Windows 7 installation is simple, just follow the steps on screen.

    5) 750w is overkill, you could get away with much lower. 500w is fine, but still more than you need.

    6) Adding LED fans is not a bad idea, if thats what you want, go for it.

    Dont be afraid to build your own PC - we all had to start somewhere. Watch videos, read articles and ask questions, and you'll be fine.
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