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Help with installing an ASUS Hd6670 DirectCU

I am having major problems upgrading my Graphics Card.
Old one is a HD4350.
New card is a HD 6670 DirectCU.
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA P55A UD3R
Ram: 8GB
PSU : Corsair 500W

I have followed all instructions but each time the card causes the display to be all out of wack.
Uninstalled all previous AMD drivers.
Downloaded latest drivers.
Atimdag.sys error.
Over and over.

Cleared drivers again.
Computer starts, but display wrong resolution again.

Checked Device Manager.
Card recognized, but with errors.

Any ideas?
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    are you by any chance getting the error 43 message on device manager? If you are, then it is more than likely that your new gpu is faulty.
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