Dual Display has stopped working.

I have an HD 4350 graphics card.
I have had dual display working on it for about 2 years.
Now, suddenly it has stopped.
Monitor number 1 is a Samsung SyncMaster 2333.
Monitor number 2 is a Philips 192EL.

Monitor 2 shows same as monitor one during startup.
When it gets to "Windows Starting" even ok.
Then to login screen, Monitor 1 good. Monitor 2 No Video Input, Going into sleep mode.

Is there any settings I am missing in BIOS?
Or anywhere else?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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  1. Check your windows/ati settings to see if it somehow changed.

    And make sure the cables are fully plugged in, one might have gotten loose somehow.
  2. I have solved the problem.

    With 2 monitors of different resolutions, you need to set them individually.
    So, I made the desktop appear only on No. 2 monitor. Set resolution for it to recommended.
    Went back to desktop only on No. 1 monitor. Set resolution to recommened.
    Extended the displays.

    All good.
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