Case storage and power supply question.

I know I have been asking a lot of questions, but I am full of them! So I just sent parts back to newegg because they were DOA, and I decided to put the HDD and the optical drive in the case, since I had to send back the motherboard and the psu, and also the core. So basically my question is, is it bad for the optical drive and the HDD to leave them in the case alone? I just have the case in the corner, out of my eye, because I am so bummed that I won't finish the build today. One other question, I had to return the rosewill hive 650, because that is what messed up the other parts, and you any of you know another good PSU? I looked at the past 3 reviews for it and they were all 1 egg. I must have had a bad batch. Should I go with the 550, or go with entirely different psu. I have a 90-80 budget, and I need it to be at least 550W. I also would like it to be semi-modular. Thanks!
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    Not at all bad for the drives. Good 550watt from Seasonic
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  3. thanks, just finished building first build and I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Enjoy!
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