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AMD FX 6300 vs 8120 in gaming

Hi i want to know which cpu are better for gaming,FX6300 or 8120..also the price of both cpu are the same in my place only the different that i know are cores and also clock hope someone can help me..thank
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  1. The fx 6300 is The newer CPU, Its faster in gaming. The fx 6300 is pile driver, The 8120 is bulldozer I Strongly recommend you avoid the 8120 bulldozer chips arent too great.
    Also the fx 6300 uses less power. Get the fx 6300 is faster newer and uses less power.
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    I beleive many people put it as 8350>8230>6300>8150>8120 etc as piledriver is just overall better than bulldozer, I would prob go 6300 as its just newer and apparently the fps difference from an 8350 is not alot. This is just from what i heard around the forum, but get a 6300 and then upgrade later to steamroller 8 core
  3. Fx 6300 beats fx 8120 in gaming.
  4. 6300
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  6. ok thx guys for the answers..i will get 6300 then :)
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