NZXT Phantom 820 case issues

Hi folks,

pulling my hair out this evening so I figured I'd post here ... I'm in the middle of putting together a new PC build and I've run into some problems.

I'm using a new Phantom 820 case [] which arrived slightly damaged, it seems. It's so slight that I didn't notice it till 2 days in to the build process and it may not be a factor since it's just a small crack in the top right corner. But ...

I have a problem with the case's fan control and lighting module. It appears to not be working due to technical problems and/or is missing elements. The NZXT's site [here:] indicates that the module requires two power cable connectors - one molex connector to the PSU, which I do have, and then a SATA power cable that connects from the PSU to the motherboard's P-LED pins. My case came without any SATA cable and I'm unable to find any kind of cable like this. I've never seen a sata power cable connect to the system panel connector. Anyone else?

Beyond that, I find that with the molex cable only connected to the PSU, the system won't even boot. The fan controller fails to work and the case lighting doesn't operate.

If I completely disconnect the fan controller and lighting module the system boots with all components in and completes POST - no obvious problems. Replug the molex cable for the fan controller/lighting and it clicks on hitting the power on button and then does nothing. I have to completely disconnect the power and wait 30 seconds before retrying with the molex cable unconnected to get it to boot again.

I'm wondering if the missing sata to P-LED power cable could possible cause this, or...

If I have some kind of short when the molex cable connects the fan module/lighting module to the PSU, or...

did the very mild in-shipping damage to the case caused a problem with the fan/lighting module ...

I can take the fan/lighting module off the top of the case but I fear troubleshooting it for errors/shorts/problems is above my tech level.

The motherboard is an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme. On the up side, the system does boot properly with all the main hardware piece in place, if I bypass the case module for fan control and lighting. Since I paid for those features, I do want to use them, however.

So, long winded as this is, I'd appreciate any tips or advice in terms of process for troubleshooting this one.
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  1. from reading the the install paperwork for the case. there not sata power cable with the case. and the cable does not connect to the p-led of the mb..hopfully you did not short anything out on your mb. the sata cable is a sata power cable that conects to the sata power plug of the cables on your power supply.
    sata power cables are all female on a atx power supply. on the back of the hue should be a male sata power connector or another molex conenctor. the cable cable that missing may be a gender changer or a sata to molex cable.
    from the hue install paperwork looks like it a gender changer male on one end to a 4 pin floopy/fan power molex. if it a 4 pin fan molex you can pick up a 4 pin to 4 pin molex at any local computer store.
  2. I'm sure I didn't short anything on the mobo as there's nothing I could accidentally plug in the wrong place, fortunately.

    Your explanation makes sense but I can find no sata power connector or other molex connector on the back of the fan/light controller- there's only one molex and plugging it in causes the failure to boot.

    The Hue case panel you link to isn't the same as the one on the Phantom 820, by the way.
  3. Send the case back, if it took a knock hard enough to crack the case, then what else is damaged?
  4. das,

    well that's the fall-back position and I understand the sentiment. I don't want to have to take everything apart again and pay the fee to ship the 40lb case back if I can avoid it. If it's the only course, I'd at least like to be sure it will be a fix, where I can conclusively prove a cable being missing isn't the only problem. I would think getting hold of the missing cable is easier/faster than sending the entire case, after all.
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