No Post MSI z77A G43

Hi, Folks,

Finally got all the components and the time to begin the process of building my desktop.

The Specs:

Mobo: MS! Z77A G43

PSU: Corsair CX 500

CPU: Intel i5 3470 LGA1155

GPU: Asus HD 7750

Memoryl G Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1066 CL9D (2x 8GB)

So, I'm building the business on the outside so I can make sure everything works. And everything appears to work... that is, all the fans start up and run in the order they should, my monitor shows that the computer is on (and doesn't yet have an operating system on it--"map: cannot find required map name"), and so on.

The only thing is, I'm not getting a post sound.

This may be entirely my fault; though I connected what appear to be the proper wires for sound from my tower to the Mobo, I don't have any way to otherwise directly connect a speaker or earphones, and am somewhat unclear on the concept of how to do so. In short, I may be connecting the wrong things to the wrong thing if I'm hoping to hear the machine post. At least, I sincerely hope it's that simple.

Any suggestions on how to connect a speaker to the Mobo more or less directly would be greatly appreciated--and I won't even complain if you point and laugh at me when you make them.
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    check your motherboard user manual there is a multiconnector the goes to the front panel of the case ,you should have a little piezo speaker that connect there
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  3. Well, I didn't have the piezo... but I was able to find one. It posted fine, and I've finished the build... almost. Forgot to order a wifi antenna, but it should arrive today.

    I've also decided to add a bracket that will let me insert one of the hard drives from my laptop into the box, thus giving me a total of 1.75GBs of storage to work with.

    SSD is on the list so I can put the OS on it. Maybe next month, sooner if I can get a couple of video jobs done, which is why I built the computer in the first place.

    Thanks for your suggestion, scout; this is my first build, and I admit to being pretty noobish about the process.
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