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OK, the wattage output isn't that high so if you want it loud you had better have sensitive headphones, but the Aureal SQ1500 (the CHEAP one) is GREAT with two speakers or headphones. It doesn't come with 4 speaker out like the SQ2500, but I'm listening to one with headphones on a customer's computer and it's directional sound is second to none. Oh, and Aureal developed the technology which allow noises to sound like their coming from behind you when your only speakers are in front of you.

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  1. Yeah, I keep hearing how good Aureal stuff was/is. Too bad they got bought out by Satan...

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  2. The Turtle Beach Santa Cruz has excellent headphone support. If you only have a 4.1 analog speaker system, you can place the headphones in the VersaJack and switch through software. Also, the Santa Cruz supports Virtual Ear, which is gives you virtual surround sound from your headphones.

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  3. Yes, nice, Aureal was fist to do that, but they didn't call it "Virtual Ear".

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  4. The Hercules Game Theatre XP has the same Crystal chip as the Santa Cruz. It also comes with Sensura's Virtual Ear software, and the really sweet external rack. I'm loving mine.
    It's fairly expensive though, $125.

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