Low FPS with 570???

My current rig is an

asus gtx 570 DCUII
i5-2500k (stock speed)
4 gb of ram
1tb hardrive

i've recently tried to play resident evil five and find that im getting 20 -30 fps when i use max to med settings, this cant be right, i mean i dont think i have any bottlenecks and all my components run cool usually 30 - 40 C idle and up in the 60-70 under load, so i dont think im overheating, and ive played many games maxed or nearly maxed without issues, i couldnt figure out what was wrong searching the internet so i need help guys, im at a loss.
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  1. are you using latest driver version.
  2. there could be a problem with the game's optimization
  3. Nevermind turn on the computer today and 109 fps on max settings, i have no idea what happened :P
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