Which graphic card will be good for dual core e5700 3.0

hey guys which graphic card will be best for my pc cause i want to play the latest games like assassins creed 3 medal of honor warfighter plz help me plz plz plz plz plz

my pc specification:

Intel Dual Core E5700 3.0

4 GB Ram

500 Watts Power Supply
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  1. What's your budget? What the make and model of the power supply?
  2. my budget is 150 usd and model of power supply is crosair cx 500 watts
  3. will it not bottleneck on my pc?plz reply
  4. There might be a slight bottleneck, but nothing I would worry about.
  5. and what about gts 450 1gb ddr5 will it bottleneck on my pc?plz reply
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