Seeking more FPS 60++++ in all games. What should I upgrade?

Currently im playing planet side 2 and hawken. In planet side 2 I get about 30-35 fps which is terrible. What exactly Should I upgrade on my comp to defeat this fps problem?

I got about a 300 doller budget.

here is my build.

Mobo: GA-890GPA-UD3H 2.0 Rev
Gpu: 5850 Radeon
Ram: 2x2 4gig Dominator corsair (I think 1333)
Processor: Thuban 1055t (oc'd to 3.5) If I got this to 4.0 gh how much of a fps increase would that be?
Ibuypower Stock Liquid Cooler:

Wanna know more info let me know ill respond asap
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  1. your gpu, of course... OC-ing your processor will only bring marginal performance increase, if any.

    of course, you can also downgrade your monitor resolution to achieve higher framerate
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    You can get a radeon hd 7850 for $170 on newegg daily deals

    It uses less power then the 5850 so you shouldn't have to upgrade the psu.

    Also, you can sell your 5850 on ebay for ≈$70-100
  3. alot of people are saying to get the 7850. is that THE best choice? and which one?
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  5. well, the 7850 is not the best, but sufficient enough. If you want to max out your $300 budget, get a 7870 or 7950 for around $250, then get another 4gb ram.
    The brands are more less performs the same, with main difference the cooler/heatsink and noise.
  6. Also what kind of ram would you recommend? If I got this new graphics card and Oc'd it would it be ok to oc it with its stock casing?
  7. with the ram should i just replace the ones i have with 2x4 8 gig rams? that are 1600?or add the exact same kind I have now that are 2x2 4gig 1333?
  8. 7870's are like 240 and 7950 are like 320. whats the fps difference between them?
  9. you should be able to get 7950 under 300 under quick sale...just be on the lookout.
    The fps difference depends on the game, but roughly guessing around 20%?

    Also the ram, i'd get 2x4 1600 ram... ram are cheap nowadays, no reason to skimp higher performance ram just to be able to use your old ones.
  10. I got a hold of a cheap gtx 580 would that be ok with my computers build?

    Also would it be better to just get a better cpu? and what one should I get?
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