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Hello to everyone, i'm a newcomer here at toms hardware.. found it to be a great site for reading and stuff so i decided to register here.. hehe

i don't know where to post this.. but as the title says i need help in choosing a UPS.. have zero experience in buying one and its my first time to do so as well.. i need one since my last died due to frequent outages here at my place...

a local store here sells one with 600VA i think.. would it be just fine?? will it be also fine with my 650 watt psu (i think).. hehehe...

any help is appreciated..

thank you very much...
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  1. whats ur budget?
  2. hmmm..... not quite sure yet... maybe under 50 is there is?? haha....

    just want something not too expensive... im not from the states so some of the models may or may not be available here.. only models I've seen here are Intex and APC...

    and btw.. do i need the UPS wattage to match the psu wattage as well?? thx for the reply....
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    Buy a APC 600VA. I think APC is the best UPS maker. atleast the best you can get.
  4. one last thing to clarify... it will not matter what the voltage on my psu is in relation to the ups im buying?? thank you..
  5. ups are usually 100$+ just for your info
  6. thx for all ur information... hehe.. just bought APC 600va ups... running fine.. thanks!!

    close thread i think??/ haha
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  8. excellent. how much it run u?
  9. price??? hmm.. its not in dollars but if u convert it i think i got it for about 75$.. hehe
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