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Hello, I do casual gaming and run a minecraft server with my friends. I am on a very old machine and have been looking to buy a good computer for myself for around a year now.
I finally have enough money, the question is do I wait for haswell? Or do I buy into ivybridge. I plan to get a gtx 670 for my desktop and looking at laptops with a gt 650m, I like the Asus u500 as its thin but not underpowered.
Right now I have an Intel pentium e5200 with integrated graphics from the g33 chipset, with 7gb of ddr2. It runs a minecraft server, minecraft itself along with Skype AMD chrome all well so I am impressed with it. To get this functionality I had to upgrade to win7 from xp though.

So all you experts, shall I wait for haswell on both laptop and desktop, get ivy for one or the other or get both ivy. I will need a portable laptop for uni in September but refuse to not hav dedicated gpu and the desktop will be next to my tv so gaming and running the server.
Overal what do you guys recommend for each.
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  1. if you need a computer now then buy ivybridge. If you are willing to wait, then buy Haswell...

    Haswell will probably have a 5-10% increase in performance... But it will also be 5-10% more expensive as it will be newer...

    If you go with Ivy now, you will not be disappointed... that 5-10% increase in performance wont be noticeable in real world tests....

    But Haswell will have lower power consumption and maybe better integrated graphics and less heat may be produced...
  2. I would wait.
    - Lots of back to school deals in August.
    - Haswell release will put pricing pressure on the Ivy bridge systems.
    - Who knows maybe someone will produce a good Haswell laptop before September.

    my plan was to wait until about 6 months after the CPU comes out and see how the market looks for a new system.
  3. Get the desktop now and the laptop later.

    The destop won't benifit from the lower power consumption so much or the IGPU bu the laptop will be much cooler and have longer battery life while being faster.
  4. Agree with darth. Desktop now as Haswell won't change things much for the desktop. Wait and by the Haswell laptop as the GPU in it will/should be much better.
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