Problems with nvidia geforce 210 causes system to restart

game r not playing propale :(
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  1. that card is not meant for gaming
    i had one and it was broken and had to replace it 7 times!!!
    if you are in india just give it back to where you bought and ask for a better card
  2. The GT210 is not a gaming card. If it's giving you poor performance, then don't be too surprised.
    If in any way going for a gaming card, I suggest never going below a GT240/GT440 form NVIDIA's side, and a HD6570/5670 from AMD's side.
  3. ^+1
    Your card isn't even close to being a gaming card heck my GTX 550 Ti's are in some cases not a gaming card. The cards that Gman suggested are good for photo shop, video's and flash gaming.

    But if you want to play BF3 type or Shyrim etc then I would suggest to get a higher end card anything above a 560 and above 6850 to start with. Anything less you will have a bad gaming experience as you have found out.

    I know this is what you didn't want to hear but it is the facts and I do wish you the best of luck and I hope you can find a card the will work in your system and if would put your spec's up some one could help finding you a card that will work on your rig.
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