Cold Cathodes and Extra Fans

Hey guys, probably an easy one for some of you.

I'm building a cusom pc-in-a-desk and I'm planning to put in about 4 cathodes (or maybe one long on)
and approximately 8 120mm LED lights, So how would I connect these?

Most mother boards have about 4 fan connectors, how would I connect the rest?
Is there a molar-to-fan connecter? Thanks in advance ^.^
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  1. ninjamark said:

    Is there a molar-to-fan connecter? Thanks in advance ^.^

    Yes, there is absolutely a molex adapter. Many fans are sold with them already connected. It's just a cable with a 3 pin connector at one end and a 12v ATX molex connector on the other.

    Also look into a process called daisy chaining where multiple fans can be installed on a shared line.
  2. **molar-to-fan connecter**
    You want to plug your fans into your teeth? Damn thats pro :P
    Additional info to Anx's post, don't google 'Daisychaining' without safe search settings enabled on your browser
    In fact, to be on the safe side,
    Cathodes come with a little blue transformer box, these plug into the molex plugs from your Psu and the cathode tubes plug into the box, and leds can similarly be powered from a molex, lighting is rarely powered from a mobo socket
    **Edit, I just realised this is a desk project, check This desk out I was involved with, and fire up that angle grinder :)
    its a slowloading site so don't worry, and lets get some pics/drawings of your ideas up in here, see what we can come up with for you
  3. Motopsychojdn said:

    Additional info to Anx's post, don't google 'Daisychaining' without safe search settings enabled on your browser

    Oh goodness, what have I done? For future reference, anything that I post on these forums is strictly meant to pertain to electronics.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys ^.^ haha yeah sorry about that btw, I would normally just call them 4-pin adapters, derp on my part :P

    I'll try and get some drawing up soon, I just gotta finish some work Im doing for someone first (getting some pc money ^.^).

    For the desk design I'm pretty much set, but I'll be happy to get advice, especially on the best way to lay the pc out in the area set out for it.
  5. Hey, just a few drawings trying to map out my idea, I'm working on the cut dimensions for the desk atm

    With the desk design I am pretty happy, I have come up with an idea for the pc area, it isn't anything new but this is my first build ever, so a huge project for me.

    Here is the top down of the desk, where the green is, is where I'd place the pc. This is a large U desk, for Gaming and Study!202&authkey=!AGLc1QxXXk3eAR4

    This next one is just a view of the left and right side, the location is shown there. The left side is where I plan to put my tv and xbox, note my badly drawn tv.!200&authkey=!ADBygdD8nuGiL8E

    This is probably the more important picture, I want my pc to be in my desk, but also to be transportable to a degree( I do like my lans ;D)!198&authkey=!AM_m5EQddjg3ef8

    the case would be 35cmX45cmX50cm and would simply fit onto the desk (with a groove to hold it in place)
    I know these explanations aren't really the best, But I have pretty much finished designing that part.

    Btw, I plan to do a video mini-series following the build, so you should see an end product ;D

    Mostly what I need help with is putting the pc into its case, any tips on that would be greatly appreciated.
    also, if the case size seems too small.
  6. Its made all the more interesting by the fact you want it lannable :P
    The size does seem a bit large for frequent carrying but I think if its light enough it may be workable,
    I have an idea for the retention method off the top of my head, a couple of These in the base of the case and a couple of holes in the desk to sit them in, that'll secure it ok,
    Your mobo should probably be aligned so the I/o plate is at the rear of the desk to keep cables out of sight when its at home
    Have you got a theme or is it all on the fly?
  7. Well I only have lans maybe once a month, so I think the size will be find. As for the mounting I pretty much had a similar idea. but rather just feet, like you'd find on maybe a microwave. Basically small rubber feet, with holes big enough for them to slot into.

    I got the wood today and start building tomorrow.
  8. Cool, I look forward to seeing the progress :)
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