High End Psu question?

I currently owning a seasonic x660,
I been reading quite a lot on psu and i want to ask if this thing still apply in from 80 plus gold psu to corsair tx/txm 80 plus bronze psu

Years before people mention ex:

If u buy a 650watt psu on 2006, at the time when it 2010 the total watt the psu can deliver is no longer at the rated wattage, it probably at 500-450 watt( i dont have specific num. on this), those days ibelieve 80 plus gold psu still not exist or mainstream yet. Does my psu at 2015 can still deliver at the rated wattage?

And does my psu able to handle 2 oc 670 :sol: ?

2015, psu 98% plus efficiency(95 plus Mars Rock psu) what better than platinum? :whistle: :whistle:
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  1. The rated wattage is what the PSU is supposed to deliver. The efficiency is about how much more it pulls from the wall. 650watt 80% efficiency will pull from the wall 650/0.8=812.5 watts at full power. Capacitor aging will have some effect on how much it will deliver over years of use but many quality units can deliver substantially more than they are advertised at.
    Normal 670 in SLI calls for a 750watt PSU but yours being a quality would most likely do it but would be pushing it.
  2. So u saying that 650 watt psu go deliver actually more then 750wat? Im kinda confused..
  3. Let's keep this simple. A PSU converts AC from your wall outlet to DC required by your computer. In doing so, there are power losses mostly from heat. If a PSU pulls 1000W from the wall but delivers only 800W to the computer it's said to be 80% efficient which is rated silver. Bronze, gold & platinum are all incrementally higher than 80%. Over time the output & efficiency degrade. Running the PSU at or near the maximum rated wattage will accelerate the degradation rate. I try to never run a PSU past 50% of its rated wattage for this reason. I always recommend others to do likewise although most people opt to save money on a lower wattage PSU instead. Personally, I consider it an insurance policy for my computer and a cheap one at that. Your choice.
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    Ceee9 said:
    So u saying that 650 watt psu go deliver actually more then 750wat? Im kinda confused..

    I am saying that 650 watt PSU's pull more AC power from the wall And actually although GPU producers advertize requirements for a SLI 670 setup being 750watt it has headroom on it because of all the generic low quality units that are on the market. Even a system with 2 x GTX680 in SLI consumes less than 600watts under load.
  5. while 660 may be enough for sli, i wouldn't recommend running your psu near the 100% load, also, the most efficient is right around 50% load. although it is not that big of a difference.

    i just like to have some headroom. and yes capacitors degrade over the years, so
  6. I just asking if it support 2 670, or maybe i should just say a single 690,790, or even the titan, btw, thank you very much, i think i get the point now. I will upgrade to 850-750 when i need to~
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