Dual mobility 5870's not working properly!! please help :(

I have had this alienware m17x R2 laptop for about 2 years now, and I've always had this problem that the back left side of the PC would get SO hot! I didn't really think this was a problem untill i couldnt enjoy skyrim at the maximum graphics, and therefore i decided to do something about it. I downloaded GPU-Z and i see now that the left and primary card is in use all the time, and has an average temperature on about 75celcius (max is a whopping 115celcius..). The right card however always has 0% memory usage and the temperature is always around 40celcius. I don't know what to do, because i have all the newest drivers, CCC is recently updated, and crossfire is enabled. The 2 GPU-Z tabs looks like this: (sorry, i didnt know how else to upload pictures..)

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  1. Those readings are in real time. The 2nd card doesn't run until it's needed. CCC even tells you this under the blue i in overdrive. Dude, you'd best see if you can turn up them fans in Overdrive. Custom fan settings there ? I never dealt with a laptop with dual cards. I have 2 5850's in my desk top and never seen them warmer than 59 degrees cent. As far as skyrim goes you may be over taxing the cpu. My Crysis 2 doesn't run all that well on "ultra setting" in DX 11 mode. Backed it off a notch and it's still gorgeous and runs great. When I play HL 2 Death Match it only uses one card because it doesn't "need" the other one. Good Luck
  2. But i have massive slowdowns and framrate drops all the time in games.. thats what i mean my lag.. Skyrim runs smoothly for about 5 minutes and then slows massively down when the left side of the pc gets very hot.. Why doesnt the right fan kick in? Man im so ******* tired of this *** PC. *** dell and amd, what a bunch of ***
  3. i mean why doesnt the right card kick in? there is NEVER any activity on it, and i find that weird since i experience framerate drops in games all the time..
  4. maybe it's broke
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