Will the Hyper 212 Evo fit?

I know it's cliche, but would the Hyper 212 fit in my case?



And would another fan fit on the other side too?
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  1. yes. Mid-ATX can fit almost all heatsinks/fans plus side fan. On your case, the placement of the side fan is correct. Meaning. The heatsink will be above it and a side fan will fit underneath. I have the Cooler Master Elite 431+. (I had a shop put the motherboard in. They put the wrong side wall on, which is perfect. I had a choice of fan on top or bottom. It wouldn't fit on top cuz of Evo but fits perfect on the bottom of the two side spots)
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    the cooler will fit. You dont need 2nd fan... you will only see a 1-2C decrease in temperatures... But if u add another fan it will get noisey :O
  3. I have the Super Aeolus case. Newegg sent it to me instead of the normal one. Oh well :D

    Regardless, I've got a Noctua NH-D14 in there. It is real close though. I found that I had to remove one of the push pins holding the side window in and replace it with a standard fan mounting screw as the push pin was too long. Otherwise, it fits great.

    I'm not sure what the dimensions of the Evo are, but if you compare them to the NH-D14 you should be able to get the answer.

    Also, the second side fan will be unnecessary. I have 2 front intake 1 side intake, and 2 top and 1 back exhaust set up. I run the fans pretty slow, and the system is very cool.
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