What is the best pentium processor to buy?

So im upgrading my computer from a socket 775 core 2 duo to the socket 1155 pentium processor, i dont have enough money to buy a core i series, so i can only buy a pentium, witch is the best one?

Im asking because according to the webstore that i buy the hardware it say that the community prefers the Intel Pentium G2020 2.9GHz 3MB then the Intel Pentium G860 3.0GHz 3MB, what are your sugestions/opinions?

Another question, this new socket 1155 pentium processors are better then my socket 775 core 2 duo right? :x just asking to make sure..

Thank you
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  1. The G860 is better.

    And yes they are better than C2D
  2. Get latest ivy bridge pentium g2130 @ 3.2ghz.it is best pentium with 1600mhz ram support.
  3. So if i buy the G860 i can have only RAM of 1333 MHz and if i buy the g2130 i can have 1600MHz ones? The G860 is not compatible with 1600MHz RAM?
  4. Officially the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors (if which the Intel® Pentium® G860 is a member of that family) only support DDR 3 1066/1333 (most boards will allow you to overclock it to run with DDR 1600). The most important thing is the the voltage; both the 2nd and 3rd generation processors only support DDR 3 at 1.5v ±5% (1.425v to 1.575v).
  5. You can get g860 with any ram like if you get 1600mhz ram then it will underclocked to 1333mhz.
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