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Anybody know what this cable is called?
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  1. What markings, if any, are on the reverse side?
    It looks like a floppy plug but it has five points on the block not four, the floopy one is called a Berg connector soemtimes,
    whats it from, and can we get a better picture?
  2. The black end is a usb header for a mother board. the cable is used to connect a bluetooth or other small pci boards from the port on the board to a usb header port on the motherboard.
    for example: but that has the white port on both ends.
  3. So its technically a Usb to Pci ribbon?
    Damned if I can find anything either lol, no markings on it anywhere to identify/google?
  4. Glad you got sorted man,
  5. I am still looking for the cable. It seems that I cant purchase it without the bluetooth module.
  6. It may be worth contacting Broadcom's customer services and asking them if they can arrange a cable for you, I can't find it anywhere either
  7. I will try. i thought i would be able to buy one from HP but is is like talking to the wall over there.
  8. I wish you the best of luck man, sorry nothing has turned up from other members
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