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ok so, would an i7 allow more apps to be running in the background? plan to run some bots (leave me be lol) while playing games and etc, and casual editing(i have no problem with waiting longer) going for i5 3570k and overclocking or should i stick with i7 2700k and overclock while playing games like crysis and skyrim, borderlands 2 etc i'm not sure a 4.4ghz i5 could keep up?

might have not been quite clear, i mean playing games while having multiple applications running
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  1. The 4.4Ghz will definitely keep up, don't you worry about that. The i7 will not benefit you in gaming at all.
  2. while having background bots and etc?
  3. The difference in performance between the newer Ivy Bridge and older Sandy Bridge assuming the same clockspeed is on average 6%. Over the past several years, benchmarks have shown that HyperThreading (in Core i7 CPUs) can decrease gaming performance by about 1% - 2% on average. Negligible. You can't tell the difference except by looking at benchmark numbers. You can always disable HT in the BIOS.

    Net result = Sandy Bridge => Ivy Bridge = Waste of Money
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