Core i3 or Core i5 for business computer???

I need a computer for business that can run 5-8 programs at a time. Will an i3 3225 be enough or do i need to buy an i5 3330???

I will use the integrated graphics so i3 3225 will be better as it has HD4000 while the i5 3330 has only HD2500 graphics
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  1. What kind of programs?
    Even the i3 is capable if doing multiple tasks at once
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    Most business computing doesnt require a lot of processing power so based on what type of applications most likely you are going to find that the Intel® Core™ i3 is able to do what you are looking for well. I would have no problem using the Intel® Core™ i3-3225 on an office system.
  3. mostly trading softwares, skype, web browsers, MS office...
  4. Also i need to run dual 1080p monitors so will the HD4000 help in that?
  5. I'll leave the rest to the Intel Expert lol
  6. BuddiLuva said:
    I'll leave the rest to the Intel Expert lol

  7. The Core i3 will do the job very well, but the i5 will do it even better.
  8. It all depends on what programs will be running or have open at the same time.

    If all those programs are going to be processing something at the same time, then a Core i5 will be the better option. If they are basically going to sit idle until you switch to one program to do work, then a quad core CPU is not necessary.

    The Intel HD 4000 can output to two monitors at the same time.
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