Sub $70 mATX Cases...

The question says it all...
i want a case with front panel usb 3.0
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  1. One of those 4|11-553-011^11-553-011-TS%2C11-352-009^11-352-009-TS%2C11-147-166^11-147-166-TS%2C11-208-053^11-208-053-TS
    I personally like the looks of the Cougar case. You can disregard the Fractal which does not have USB3.
  2. could you tell me something that looks sleek without alot of mesh?? This is for my dad's computer and he does not like cases with alot of mesh or LED lights...
  3. There will be no graphics card so airflow does not have to be great...
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  5. I go with the Silverstone!

    Thanks rolli59!!! :D
  6. You are welcome I would have chosen it as well based on the parameters!
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  8. budget and country of or1g1n?
  9. hey iceclock, i chose the Silverstone... budget is $70 and country of origin is India and usually in india the US price is multiplied by 1.4. so $100 is actually $70 here...
  10. sounds good :)
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