How do I add another wireless switch to existing network?

I already have a wireless router but the signal strength doesn't seem to penetrate brick walls well. I want to add another wireless switch to access the same Internet but am not sure exactly what I should purchase. I know I don't want another router, so what should I buy?

Thanks for any advice.
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    what you want is a wireless repeater not a switch. you can buy the crappy 30 dollar wifi repeaters in the store or you can buy a real router that supports being turned into a repeater and use that. also make sure you are running 802.11n not g, if you are on g upgrade to n and you may not need a repeater at all. make sure your router is one with external antennas and not internal, you can add larger antennas that way.
  2. Will a repeater repeat the wireless signal or use the wired network to allow another access point?
  3. a repeater will just repeat the signal, if you buy a good router then you can do either or.
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