EMachines T3302(K8M-800M) no response(PSU tested OK)


I have an eMachines T3302 purchased from Office Depot probably 7+ years ago. Motherboard is K8M-800M. It has never given me any problem but several days ago it simply stopped booting. I have followed the entire 5 pages and related links in the thread "PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about POST/boot/no video problems" and tested everything but the motherboard has zero response.

PSU is tested to be perfect using the paper clip method to short green/black wire and can run a little fan I connected to it - I tested all wires to ensure 12v and 5.5v output....etc. But if I plug it into the motherboard then it has no voltage on any of the wires and the little test fan will not run. I also tried another working PSU, still the K8M-800M motherboard does not have ANY response whatsoever.

Instead of using the power switch, I tried replacing it with a "jumper"(You use it to set Hard Drive to Master, Slave.....etc) so it's always "powered on". Still the motherboard has no response, no fan runs, nothing. The motherboard does not have a system speaker so I don't have a way to hear "troubleshooting beeps".

BTW how do I attached photo ? I took photo of the motherboard and connections.

Following are the list of things I tested using the troubbleshooting guide :
1. Yes read it over and over
2. Yes CPU power connector is connected
3. no standoff, I took out the motherboard and currently it only has 2 sticks of DDR RAM, keyboard, and monitor connected
4. Integrated video on board
5. Integrated video on board, no video power connector needed
6. Yes I tried just one stick of RAM at slot 1, I tried replacing it with another known working RAM, still no response
7. Yes definitely
8. Yes
9. Nothing came up on the CPU, it's still sitting there just fine, didn't touch it
10. Bought the computer long time ago(7 ?) from Office Depot, it's not a home-built computer
11. I searched around and don't see loose screws, loose pins......etc
12. Bought the computer long time ago(7 ?) from Office Depot, it's not a home-built computer
13. Yes definitely plugged in
14. Bought computer from Office Depot, not a home-built
15. No loose wires, screws.....etc
16. Yes
17. No system speaker on this computer
18. Yes. Only connected power LED and power switch(tried a hard drive jumper as well), no reset switch. Unplugged HD LED
19. PSU has no switch, it just turns on when plugged in(using paper clip method)
20. eMachines computer - not home-built
21. Yes read motherboard manual and reset CMOS by unplugging battery(tested still 3v after 7 years !!) and reset CMOS by moving jumper for 6 seconds
22. Yes Monitor plugged into integrated video
23. Yes RAM is installed tightly, currently no expansion PCI cards installed

Anything I should try testing ?

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  1. Too much work, poor cheap MB ran for 7yrs. that's a good life.
    Most likely it did not nuke your drive, you can extract your data out of it.
    You need a new PC.
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