Should I upgrade My AMD 8120 to an Intel 3770K ?

Basic Spec:
Amd 8120 OC 4Ghz
GTX 670
6Gb Kingston RAM
650 Watt PSU

Ok so I don't get amazing FPS in games.
In the crisis 3 Beta I get around 40 FPS with graphics on the lowest, and it makes no difference how high or low they are.
This is what makes me think it's the CPU.
Will I get a HUGE FPS increase by Upgrading to the Intel 3770K ?

And is my CPU bottle necking my GPU ?

Thanks :)
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  1. Upgrading your CPU will give you same on highest settings but increase fps on low settings. For gaming you would get the same results with I5 3570K as the I7.
    I personally would not bother.
  2. I say stay where you are. It may not be as fast, but for games you won't notice a whole lot of difference. I am pretty sure it should not bottleneck you gpu.
  3. Instead of spending $300+ on a new board and CPU, how about $50-75 on a killer cooler and take the 8120 up to 4.5-5Ghz?
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