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I'm going to be purchasing a GTX 560 Superclocked graphics card within the near future of 10-13 days and I was just wondering if my power supply would be good enough for it. You see, it has 500W and the graphics card itself claims that it needs 450, but I've heard from quite a few sources online that it often times needs more than the minimum that it says. Some people have told me that it should be enough and others have said that It'd be unsafe and I should invest in a 750W PSU. The problem with that being my budget. It would likely be quite a few months until I could buy a PSU of that amount, so it would be beneficial to me if I'd be fine using my 500W PSU until at the very least sometime around early January, however if I do not need to buy a PSU at all that'd be even better. I attempted popping open my side panel to see my level of voltage, but I could not find the answer and so I can only say that I have 500W, which may or may not be enough information.

You guys here on Tom's Hardware have helped me out on another occasion a week or two ago, so I have complete faith in your words.
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  1. Exactly which 500w psu do you have?
    Unless it is of abysmal quality, you should be OK.
    Here is what evga recommends; they should know their product: 500 Series Family&sw=
    It says 450w, 2 6pin connectors, and 24a.
  2. The guy that told you that you need 750 watt power supply for a GTX 560 has no idea what he's talking about.

    What brand is your current power supply? What model is it? If you cannot find that info, could you take a picture of its label and show it to us?

    The GTX 560 Needs two 6-pin power connectors from the power supply unit. If you power supply has them available, it probably is enough. However, if it doesn't have them, it's probably not enough. It still depends on what the label says though.
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    You should be okay with almost any 500w power supply, just make sure you have 2 6-pin connectors or the adapters to use 4 molex connectors.
  4. I don't know why I wasn't getting any email updates with this thread...
    Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what brand my PSU is. I opened up the side panel and took a look, without finding any real answers. The only visible sticker on it had "QC" written on it, but I doubt that holds any relevance.
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