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Hey guys, I just built a new system and the only thing I took from my old PC was my EVGA 560 Ti. I am considering an upgrade to either a 670 or a 680. I only game on one monitor at 1920*1080...So I am asking you, would it be worth it to upgrade? And if so, what should I choose - the 670 or 680? I did a lot of research already I just like to hear the input of the community! Thanks!
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  1. Well, it depends whether you're happy with GTX 560 Ti performance. If you're satisfied with it, I see no reason to upgrade today. However, if you want higher settings on some games GTX 560 Ti cannot handle (like Witcher 2 - Ubersampling), an upgrade is a great way to make it work.

    I think that GTX 670 is better buy because GTX 680 is only 5% faster, however, 25% more expensive.
  2. It's a good card, I would just like better framerate's in some games, plus its a new system and I do want the best lol You are spot on with the comparison between the two cards...I really would only want to get the 680 just for the sake of saying I have the best single card on the market lol
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    Go for it then! If you can afford it and you want it, there's nothing wrong with going with it. In fact, that's what you should do :).
  4. Well the extra $100 is alot for me, so I am still trying to decide if the performance increase is worth it...
  5. The gtx 670 is the best option in my opinion. I have a gtx 560 ti and am completely satisfied with it, but if I were to upgrade today I would buy a 670.
  6. unless you go HD Radeon option... :p
    (not for me though thanks..)
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