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What is wrong with my computer?!!?!

My computer is used for gaming. It is and XPS 8300. Everything is vanilla. Nothing has been changed. I have and AMD 6870 video card. When I play games, espescially when doing flash based stuff (Youtube, minecraft, Facebook stuff). The vido card kills itself. First the screen freezes for about ten seconds, then the screen turns black for a second. Then flashes back with static stuff at the bottom. It says my video card has recovered. but the flash ggame or the regular game's screen turns completely white and I have to restart! It does this every 3-20 minutes!
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  1. I am also using a VGA monitor, so I have an adapter.
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    Get a new video card, bump.
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    Get a new video card, bump.

    I have gotten 3 new ones from dell..... None have worked. Were they all defective?
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