MSI R7950 Twin Frozr Idle Temp Question

I'm currently not doing much just browsing the web and downloading a game. I'm just worried about my idle temperature. My computer is fairly new because I had just built it. My MSI R7950 idle temp's is currently 43c. Sometimes it would go below 40c. Is this normal temperature for a MSI R7950? I haven't overclocked it or anything. The GPU stock is 880Mhz and the memory is 1250Mhz. This is the default setting that MSI set for this card. My fan speed is at 33%. I haven't tested this card out that much.
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  1. That should be fine since mine happens to be at about 53c when idle. I'm worried something is wrong with mine because it can sometimes get up to 80c when playing metro or BF3. ambient temperature is about 31c though.

    P.S. I have the 3GD5 V2/OC which comes with a reference 7970 pcb.
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