QX6850 or i3-3220 with GTX 660

This is more fishing for opinions. I know the raw numbers enough to say that a GTX 660 will improve gaming performance, so that is what I am getting. I also know the GTX 660 will not be bottlenecked severely by the current CPU.

I currently am running a desktop with a QX6850 and was wondering if it would be prudent to upgrade it to an i3-3220. The existing setup has 8GB of DDR2 RAM. I would be upgrading directly (i3-3220 would also have 8GB of RAM). The budget does not allow for even a baseline i5, so i3 it is.

I also know that going from 4 physical cores to 2 physical/4 logical isn't always the best thing, but it's a jump up several generations. What do you guys think? Leave the CPU as-is and wait another generation (by the time I have the difference handy Haswell would have launched) or get the i3 and call it a serious overhaul?
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  1. No opinions? Or did I state it all when I mentioned that 4 physical cores are better than 4 logical cores?
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    I would stay as is get the card and wait a CPU generation.
  3. I would wait. In fact that's what I'm doing.

    I think I will be keeping my Q9450 in my desktop until Broadwell launches next year. That basically because I am considering buying a new laptop this year with a Haswell CPU.
  4. I even threw a GTX 560 from my other desktop in the QX6850 and its FPS in games jumped significantly (it had a 9800GTX+). It didn't feel bottlenecked, either. I already knew that it was a solid performer, I just haven't had an i3-3220 in my hands either.
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