Deciding on a Case - R4 vs 400R vs C70 vs P280 vs 410

I need a new case and I am having a terrible time deciding. I've read review on multiple sites and I am heavily leaning towards the R4, but it's also the most expensive. The other cases are all on sale for $20-$40 less.

I currently own a P180, and I have never been a big fan of it. It's heavy and somewhat loud (new fans in almost any case these days seem to be more quiet). My P180 is also warping like crazy. And, also two of the plastic clips for the side of the case broke early on, not helping the warping. And, the front drive door is warped so it doesn't shut all the way. It warps the most when it's cold in my apartment (so all winter).

I basically want a durable, quiet case that is somewhat easy to carry and open up. I move my computer around a bit, and I go inside of it a bit too, swapping out harddrives between home and work.

My choices are:

Fractal Design Define R4

Corsair Carbide 400r

Corsair vengeance C70

NZXT Phantom 410

Antec P280 (but worried about this one because of my P180)

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  1. 410
  2. For portability Corsair C70, has two steel handles on top and they feel absolutely solid. Opens up real easy with two metal hinges on top. I felt one up at my local Fry's and I want one so bad but my 900D is in the way.
  3. I personally use the 400r, its a great case. Got a nifty handle on top to make carrying easier, its quiet, lots of room for upgrades.
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