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I want to go for Intel Pentium G630 Processor, which has got Memory type : DDR3-1066.
Will the Processor be compatible with DDR3-1333 RAM ? Will i face any system instability issues ?
Suggestions ??
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  1. It should be fine although there isn't really any performance increase with 1333 RAM with that CPU.
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    While the memory controller is located on the processor today it is still possible to change the memory to run at a faster speed in the Bios. So here is what is going happen if you put the DDR 3 1333 in. Normally it will clock DDR 3 1333 down to running at 1066 and you would need to log into the Bios to raise it back up to DDR 3 1333.
  3. Think of DDR3-1333 RAM as higher quality DDR3-1066 RAM.

    In fact, that's what it really is. RAM comes off of the production line. Each batch is to determine the overall quality. If it is "average" then it batch is labelled as DDR3-1066. If the test shows that the batch is "higher quality", then they can be labelled as DDR3-1333 or faster RAM.

    Overall, installing faster RAM just means that they will be running at lower speed unless the BIOS gives you the option to set the RAM speed above DDR3-1066.
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  5. Huh! On February '13 I think you can choose a better option (CPU + RAM) without much more bucks (Sorry, I'm posting on May '14). A 1600 RAM and i3 or i5 alternative it is not much additional money Bud.
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