Is my power supply failing?

I recently built a new computer using a Corsair 750W power supply from a previous build, so it's about 4 years old. I've never had any problems with it.

New build:
i3570 with aftermarket cooler
ASROCK z77 Extreme4
Radeon 7870
Intel SSD
3 other HDDs

Everything was fine for the first few weeks, then my computer started randomly restarting with no error messages, no blue screens - not under heavy load times like 3 hours into a gaming session, but during minimal load times like surfing the internet while nothing else was open. This happened maybe once a week, sometimes twice in a row, but everything seemed to be ok so I chalked it up to '*** happens.'

Last night I restarted my computer for normal reasons, and on reboot it got stuck on the mobo splash screen. After several power cycles it still wasnt getting past the mobo splash screen so I disconnected all the USB inputs and voila, it got past. So I plug the peripherals back in and everything seems ok, then after a few minutes, another random restart. Same deal, getting stuck at the mobo splash screen. During this time I got several different error codes on the mobo - 64 (CPU problem?), 4F (memory problem?), 3b (?)...nothing consistent.

Finally I unplugged the power, turned off the PSU and let it sit, then cleared the CMOS, plugged everything back in, and... boot cycle stuck at the Windows 7 splash screen. Go through this whole process again, finally loads windows but takes about 4 times as long to get past the Windows 7 splash screen as normal.

Based on my reading it seems most likely that my PSU is failing:
1) random restarts
2) trouble booting up and inconsistent errors blaming memory or CPU
3) its the only part of the build not brand new

Thoughts? I don't have a PSU tester but I'll try to get one on my way home from work.
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  1. Maybe your boot drive is failing.
  2. Quite possibly a PSU problem. I'm guessing W7 is on the SSD, so unplug the 3 HDD (unless there is something you absolutely need to help you test the load issue). If there are no problems booting into BIOS, proceed to boot Windows. If still no problem, turn off and reconnect one HDD, then try again. Do this with until all 3 HDD are reconnected.

    To test your CPU and RAM, download and install Prime95. Run this program testing all cores with a lot of RAM (you'll see this option in Blend mode). Allow P95 to run for a couple of hours, or so. If P95 crashes, it will log the crash info in a file called "stress.txt", which will be in the directory you installed P95.
  3. I will not list my experiences, but wish to add that yours match mine to the letter. Also a new custom build with 3770K, 16GB and 2*680.

    Like you, I suspected a failing PSU. Mine was a 3.5 year old Corsair 1000W.

    I replaced it with an OCZ 750W about 1 week ago and it has run like a dream since. No restarts at all.

    Now here's a thing: my system now seems stable at higher overclocks than before.
  4. I ran Prime95 for a day and no problems, no crashes.

    I submitted a RMA request with Corsair since it's still under warranty and they accepted so I guess I'll send it in.
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