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I Have recently bought a new power supply and a new Graphics card since my old graphics card messed up. The power supply was needed becuase the card neededmore power than i had.

Power Supply - Antec eco 620w 80 plus
Graphics Card - His Radeon ice q 7870

Problem - No Display , No Beep

The computer does boot after certain amount of attempts turning it on. It is most hardest when i turn it off at night and in the morning try to turn it on. everything seems to turn on but no display. The computer was built about 8 months ago but i upgraded those 2 things about a week ago. Everything was fine before that. When its on it runs very smooth for hours till i stop using it. And most likely if i try to turn it on while i jut got done using it most of the time it wil boot.

please let me know what you think, Thanks
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  1. Sounds like there is a short circuit between your motherboard and/or GPU and the case. Try doing a breadboard to rule out the short.
  2. Thanks ill try that
  3. I have tryied another card that also requires a 4pin & 6 pin connector and that card worked perfectly turned on every time it was my brothers card i dont remember of the card. Do you think my new card is messed up or just a configuration problem.

    Was there something i needed to change? I just dont know what to do

    Thank you all
  4. Have you tried reinstalling your GPU after installing your brother's? If you have, and it still didn't work, then very likely you have a defective GPU.
  5. Yes i uninstalled my brothers graphics card which was nvidia drivers and also clean its regristy and i have reinstalled the amd catalyst drivers for my card and still doing that.

    So it can be faulty even though when it starts it works well?
  6. There are two strong possibilities:

    1. Power to your GPU is bad, and this isn't necessarily a PSU problem. With your GPU in, try unplugging one of the PCI-E power connectors to the card, then reconnect the plug. Do this a few times and note or write down your observations. If doing this brings your display, then chances are there is an intermittent short somewhere.

    2. The PSU, while capable of powering up your system adequately, may still be struggling to keep up with demand.

    Either way, throwing parts at the problem is a bad idea. The best thing to do is take the time to figure out where the short is (assuming there is one), or borrow a PSU and turn on your system. If swapping PSU works, turn off the system and then make several more attempts, but allow some time in between attempts.
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