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Hi, guys!

This is my first post here and also my first build so could really do with your expertise! Right using Ebuyer I've made up this system but haven't brought it yet so would be great if you could tell me what you would change, if you would and if its good value for money. I'll be doing photo editing, video encoding and possibly light gaming. Now my budget is £400 but I'm already spending £550+ so really cannot increase price!

CPU - Intel i5 3570k 3.5gh 6mb - £174.05

Motherboard - Asrock Z77 Pro 3 1155 - £80.50

Graphics card - Asus GT 640 2GB DDR3 - £71.58

HDD (SSD) - SanDisk 64GB Pulse SSD - £46.97

Case - Casecom KK-9949 - £32.99

RAM - Crucial 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz - £32.99

PSU - Tesla 500W 12cm ATX - £17.49

WiFi - TP-Link 300mbs N - £16.92

OS - Windows 7 Home P - £67.49

That comes to £541.18!

Thank you so much!

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  1. that system should be fine
  2. Hi :)

    It really depends on your definition of LIGHT GAMING...

    Thats a 70 quid card, I hope you mean Freecell by light gaming lol...

    I am heavy gamer is my card, just to make the point >>

    I hope you see my point...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Hi guys,

    By light gaming I mean that I really am not a gamer but would like to know that if I want to... I can. I am willing to update the system is my needs develop but for now I just want a quick, reliable and powerful computer. If you had to shave £100 off what would you suggest and would it still reach my aims?

  4. i would drop the gt640 and just use the integrated graphics for the moment till you can afford a decent card

    you will only want to upgrade that gt640 anyway and its money down the drain as its not going to resell

    second hand for much

    and i wouldnt use a £17 psu when you are running nearly £500 of hardware on it

    you may find it cheaper going for an amd cpu setup
  5. Thats a very good idea actually and I think I will so thank you Mcnumpty 23 :) Yeah that did cross my mind but the feviews are great... Can you recommend another? If not the intel then can you suggest a amd of the same speed?
  6. im not up on the latest amd cpus i am afraid

    but think with your budget some one will be able to tell you an amd alternative

    the reviews are great for what?
  7. you could get a cheaper cpu like a core i3/amd 6300 with a better gpu like a 7850
  8. there you go

    told you some one would :)
  9. For the PSU the reviews are great and yeah people are great a replying on here haha Stantheman123 how does the AMD 6300 run for you?
  10. seriously that psu is great

    if you need a paperweight for your desk :D
  11. joking aside

    it only has a 4 pin cpu 12v

    the motherboard you picked has an 8 pin 12v

    under graphics pci-e connectors it says n/a so presumably none

    it doesnt list how many amps

    4 molex and 2 sata connectors

    i honestly wouldnt plug that into my pc if you paid me to

    edit--on ebuyer you really should be looking at psus in the £30 to £50 section to get a half decent one like a corsair ect
  12. Okay sounds like you saved me from that one then haha what would yoh recommend?
  13. something like this

    i know its almost 3 times what that other psu was

    but should have all the connectors you need and is a quality maker

    who back that with a 3 year warranty

    i know everything comes down to how much money you have

    but personally i never skimp on the psu

    kinda like getting a porsche and then sticking kwik fit budget tyres on it buying a cheapo psu
  14. may also want to check

    at the prices as of now

    the 3570k and windows home premium 64bit and a corsair 8gb 1600mhz ram

    comes to about £21 cheaper than ebuyer

    and aria do daily deals and superspecials

    so if you are lucky and the parts you want are on offer you could save more
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