LCD Monitor Acer S201HL Green Static in Black, White = Purple

So I've tested these monitors on 3-4 different cards, 3-4 mobos, and a couple dozen cables and get the same results so I'm at my wits end on what it could be if it's not the monitors themselves.

If I plug the monitors in straight DVI-D I get a fine picture, but if I put on a Mini Display Port Adapter (I use 3 of these for eyefinity, all of them are showing the same symptoms). I know it's not the adapters as I've tried at least a dozen as that was my first though. Blacks gain a green static throughout and the whites do the same but with purple horizontal lines/static. So I'm stuck using 2 monitors and inability to use Eyefinity. It's crazy, they were working fine then all 3 starting showing the same symptoms at the same time. Please help.
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